Programming / Design / Invention
Mission statement: Developing new employment concepts for the sunshine coast
Who: John Burke, carpenter, programmer, website designer

Major Accomplishments

CNC/3d printing

  • A series of advanced machines built and programmed by John, these allow for the rapid prototyping and production of complex items.
  • Allows for designs to be tested in record time

  • A network of E-commerce websites designed to create a reliable fresh produce delivery service across Australia.
  • Fruitnveg4u is unique in that every website is independently run by a local greengrocer.
  • Fruitnveg4u gives Small independent businesses’ the tools to handle online and compete with the much larger chain stores.
Wombat sheds

  • Fully qualified Builder, specialising in carpentry, cabinet making and joinery.
  • Previous projects range from sustainable housing and yurts, to cabinet making and complex creative arts projects.
Creative minds

  • A creative arts project teaching visual design with a focus on emerging technology.
  • Developing design and visual arts workshops for young people.



Who is John Burke I am a maker who specializes in fabrication for the built environment also a qualified programmer vb/c#/all script and UI designer

Current project: The millennium maker cottage, the future of sustainable manufacturing.

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